About Us

Lino Tasma is the product of a team that brings together leading brands in the pet industry, aiming to make the lives of your beloved companions healthier and happier. Despite being one of the youngest companies in the industry, our company continues to pursue its growth goal by adding new and innovative products to its portfolio every day.

Our Mission and Vision

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers’ beloved companions comprehensively and offer them a more beautiful world. In this context, we aim to maximize customer satisfaction with a quality product offering and an animal-friendly approach.

Our Team

Our entire team consists of animal lovers who have come together with a common sense of love and responsibility. The love and responsibility we feel towards our beloved companions turn our work into a passion, and we aim to reflect this passion in our products to satisfy our customers.

You and Your Beloved Companions Matter

Our customers and their beloved companions are very important to us. Therefore, we consider you and your pets not only as our customers but also as family members. If you love them as much as we do, you can feel at home in the Lino Tasma team and join us in providing the best care for your beloved companions. As the Lino Tasma team, we continue to be a trusted brand in the pet industry with our quality products and customer-centric approach. We are delighted to be by your side to enhance the quality of life for your beloved companions and offer them a happier life.